November-December 2006 Issue

November-December 2006 Cover COVER STORY:

Solving Common Backstroke Problems

A Coach's Tips for Proper Positioning

by Dan Peck >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Swimming backstroke can be a good alternative when freestyle gets boring or starts hurting the shoulders, and learning a good backstroke is easier than it sounds. Once you get over not being able to see where you are going, it's a great stroke to add to your repertoire. Coach Dan Peck of Swim Smarter Masters in La Jolla, Calif., examines several common backstroke problems and solutions.


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UCSD Masters Coach Packs the House
by Christine Ennulat >>> Photos by John Segesta

On any given morning or evening, Ron "Sickie" Marcikic zips down the pool deck on a small electric scooter, his shock of curly, gray hair lifting in the breeze, loud aloha shirt du jour flapping behind him. The head coach and director of the University of California-San Diego's Masters program makes "The Workout" a full production -- and he packs the house.

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Evaluating the Impact of Swimming Innovations
by Margaret Schauer

Technological developments in swimming have always raised a few cautionary eyebrows: How much is too much? And what impact do these advances have on the sport? Join us for a crash course as we look back -- and forward -- and hear what experts are saying about the effects of technology on the sport.

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The Benefits of Workouts During (and After) Pregnancy
by Meg Zachwieja, Mel Goldstein

The childbearing year is often a time in women's lives when fitness and healthy eating habits are out the window; however, that definitely was not the case for 16 women who participated in an informal survey conducted by the YMCA Indy SwimFit program.

From the Editor
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Flying on 50s With an Eye on the Future of USMS by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts: Backstroke
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30th Annual National Championship One Hour Postal Swim
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On Deck
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