January-February 2007 Issue

January-February 2007 Cover COVER STORY:

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Keeping Up With Jody Smith (or Trying to, at Least)

by Michael J. Stott >>> Photos by David Balch

Jody Smith, the irrepressible facilities manager at Stanford University's Avery Aquatics Center in Palo Alto, Calif., became an instant ambassador for Masters swimming last summer. Responsible for day-to-day operations at the XI FINA World Masters Championships, Smith calls herself a "water-based person." It's an apt description.


Excel With Sculling Drills
How to Develop a Masterful Feel for the Water
by Ron Johnson >>> Photos by Peter Bick

The greater your ability to "feel" the water, the greater your chance of becoming a skilled swimmer. The fastest and most effective way to develop this proprioceptive "super" awareness is to practice various sculling drills, says coach Ron Johnson of Scottsdale, Ariz. "Feel" is not necessarily an endowment. It can be learned.

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Does the 8x8 Rule Hold True in This Agua Age?
by Jim Thornton

Fanatical water drinking has seeped deep into the zeitgeist. It's hard to be alive in this Perrier period of history and not be continually reminded of how critical proper hydration is. Claims made on behalf of water are legion. Its diehard proponents have come up with a shorthand expression for it: 8x8 (eight ounces, eight times a day). But is such constant autoirrigation really necessary?

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Swimming Through the Winter Blues Takes Creativity
by Amy Wu

Shorter days and colder temperatures tend to throw even the most upbeat people into the occasional funk, triggering the urge to sleep and eat more. But with a little help from your friends and some creative self-motivation, you too can swim your way through the winter blues.

Web Extras: Winter Blues Q&A , Winter Workouts

From the Editor
A Good Day at the Races by Bill Volckening
Executive Address
Expand Your Circle of Swimming Friends by Rob Copeland
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Readers Ask: Setting Achievable Fitness Goals
Gadget Watch: Underwater Lap Counter and Timer
My Favorite Practice by Jules DeGiulio
Go for a Double Cardio Boost
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Nuts About Almonds
Reader Recipe: Spiced Almonds
Freshness Labels Benefit Consumers
Muscle Cramp? Stretch It Out
Ten Tips for Foot Health
Nationals Preview
Short Course Nationals: Federal Way Prepares for USMS Championship by Jeff Commings PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Swim Bag
Gels & Chews
Inside USMS
New Committee Chairs Join USMS Leadership
Meeting Minutes Posted Online for Members
SWIMMER Names Contributing Editor, Expands Department
What Worries New Masters Members
USMS Members Weigh Effects of Swimming on Daily Lives
Get Ready, Get Fit: Postal Evets Offer Home Pool Advantage
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Swimming Life
Fast Swim Honors Jesse Coon
Swimmers Challenge Tennessee River
Pool to be Named for Masters Swimmer
Swimmers Sweep USMS Open Water Records
Gaffney Conqers Alcatraz
Masters Superstars Qualify for Pan Am Games
Swimmer Publishes First Novel
On Deck
'Everybody Was There': A Historic Moment in Aquatics PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>