March-April 2007 Issue

March-April 2007 Cover COVER STORY:

Mastering Open Water Technique

Four Focal Points to Practice Mindfully

by Terry Laughlin >>> Photos by Dennis O'Clair

Maintaining focus when faced with distractions has stymied many accomplished pool swimmers when they venture into open water. To help swimmers of all levels increase their comfort level, Coach Terry Laughlin offers four technique focal points that when practiced with keen concentration lead to "tireless" swimming.


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Ted Haartz and 36 Years of Masters Swimming
by Christine Ennulat >>> Photos by David Balch

For 36 years, Ted Haartz has been a driving force in Masters swimming. As the third president of USMS, he championed lifelong swimming and recruited about 14,000 members who responded to a Parade magazine story about swimming and its, ahem, invigorating powers. Now at almost 79 years of age, Haartz is more than proud of his USMS family.

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Kona Beckons Ironman Elite and Everyday Athletes
by Cathy Tibbetts >>> Photos by John Segesta

Sandals, shorts and a swimsuit are all you need pack when you head to Kailua-Kona,a peaceful paradise on Hawaii's Big Island. Vacationing swimmers are welcome year-round, but each October, Kona beckons the Ironman elite as well as everyday athletes eager to test their endurance on the island's fabled course.

Prepping for Distance
How to Get Up Your Nerve and Your Training
by Diane McManus

The absence of the black line guiding your path from one end of the pool to the other can be daunting, but it also can be liberating. "Freedom" is a term often used by distance swimmers. Whatever your reasons for embarking on a long distance swim, preparation is key.

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