May-June 2007 Issue

May-June 2007 Cover COVER STORY:

What Drives Jim McConica? PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>

How Much Time Do You Have?

by Amy Wu >>> Photos by David Balch

Jim McConica has just emerged from the pool, body christened with chlorine. His breath is a rush, and there's a thrill in his voice. He's just bagged another national record. At 56, McConica has amassed more than 60 Masters swim records, all during the span between his 49th and 56th birthdays. Even among diehard swimmers, his exuberance seems unusual, and admirable.


Training With Mental Pictures PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
How Imaging Success OUTSIDE the Water Can Give You an Edge IN the Water
by Simone La Pay

"Yes You Can Yes You Can Yes You Can Yes You Can..." is the mental imagery script that Marcia Cleveland of Chicago developed when she was training to swim the English Channel in 1994. Many athletes -- including swimmers and triathletes -- use mental imagery as a formal part of their training. And it works.

Boost Your Breaststroke Pullouts
A Coach Responds to USMS Rule Change
by Chris Colburn >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Kosuke Kitajima created a stir when he performed an unconventional butterfly kick during his pullout in the finals of the 100 breaststroke at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Kitajima kept the Gold, but protests persisted long after the event. The rule has been changed, and Chris Colburn has developed a training guide for performing more effective pullouts, butterfly kick included.

The Pros and Cons of Nutraceuticals PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Are These Legal Substances Useful for Enhancing Performance?
by Raena Alexis Latina

According to the FDA, there are more than 29,000 supplements on the market for weight loss and performance enhancement -- and Americans spend more than $14 billion on them. But which are beneficial, which are useless, and which are potentially dangerous?

From the Editor
A Meeting of the Minds by Bill Volckening
Executive Address
Volunteers and Coaches May Be Our Greatest Assets by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts: Distance Swimming
Suit Yourself
Transition: From Glide to Swim
Readers Ask: Recommend an Exercise DVD
No 50-Meter Pool? No Problem
Gadget Watch: Recumbent Aqua Bike
Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
Web Workout by Lisa Lynam PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
My Favorite Practice by Dave Hall
Healthy Swimmer PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Healthy Food - Arugula
Reader Recipe: Arugula Pesto with Basil and Mint
Stay Cool This Summer
Readers Ask: Staying Hydrated
Freshness Factor
Nationals Preview
Long Course Nationals Championship in the Woodlands August 10-13 PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Swim Bag
Inside USMS
"Club in the Box" Promotes Local Program Development
USMS Mid-Year Board Meeting Touches Many Issues
Call for Nominations, Submittals and Bids
Swimming Life
Swimming for the Homeless
 Web Extras: Barney Hungerford's Workout
Virginia Masters Swimmers Win Coaching Awards
2006 USMS Long Distance All-Americans
2006 USMS Long Distance All Stars
Swimming to Paris
Torres Crushes Sprint Records
2006 USMS Pool All-Stars
2006 USMS Pool All-Americans
On Deck
National/International Championships
Fitness Events
Swimming Events
Money Swims Rivaled Today's Events by Melissa Minetola PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>