March-April 2008 Issue

March-April 2008 Cover COVER STORY:

Steve Morehouse:

Swimming The Lewis & Clark Trail

by Michael J. Stott >>> Photos by David Balch

Two hundred years after Lewis and Clark opened up the American West, Masters swimmer Steve Morehouse combined his passions for nature, history and swimming and worked out in pools along the trail where the dynamic duo's expedition took place. Morehouse shares his travel tales here.


Getting Off to a Good Start
Here Are Some Pointers on How to Begin a Swim Meet
by Marty Hendrick, Lisa McLuckie >>> Photos by Glen Olsen

For Masters swimmers who have never competed, or who are many years removed from competitive swimming, the biggest fear often is the starting blocks. But have no fear -- the USMS rule book allows for a variety of ways to get your next race going strong. Among them: Diving from the pool deck, and even pushing off from within the pool.

Swimming for Weight Loss PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Experts Offer Their Advice While the Debate Continues
by Elise Oberliesen >>> Illustrated by Rick Gutierrez

No one will dispute that swimming provides excellent cardiovascular and strength-training workouts. But can it help you shed those pesky extra pounds too? SWIMMER investigates the claim that the sport corresponds to calorie burning.

Fountain of Youth?
Variety and Inspiration Help "Creekers" Swim Younger
by Bill Edwards

Jim DeLacy and his teammates say their swimming skills have improved with age. Either these Northern Californians have discovered the Fountain of Youth -- or there's something to be said for the WCM training regimen. Find out how Walnut Creek Masters achieves the impossible. This club is living proof that age is only a number.

From the Editor
The Tiniest Olympic Champion by Bill Volckening
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Executive Address
Masters Swimming a Celebration of Life by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts - 100 Butterfly
Readers Ask: Is the "Butterfrog" Legal?
Traveling Swimmer: Open Water at Lake Placid, N.Y.
Recently Read: The Athlete's Guide to Yoga
Portable Aerobic Workout
Product Watch: Surf Top
Web Workout by Chuck Burr PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
NQTs Serve as Motivators
My Favorite Practice by Linda Callaway
Healthy Swimmer PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Ravishing Radish
Reader Recipe: Radish Salad
Readers Ask: Nutrients Help Prevent Dry Skin
Breaststroker's Knee
You Are What You Drink
Readers Ask: Relief for Waterlogged Ears?
Swim Bag
Inside USMS
New Dates for Open Water Championships
Nike Swimwear to Grant $1500
USMS Elections
Rules Corner: USMS Revisits "Pacing" Devices"
Swimming Life
Recently Read: The 100 Best Swimming Drills
Swimmers Pay Tribute to McCullough
Commings Shifts to Broadcast Journallism
Stevenson Bounces Back
Relay Completes Catalina Channel Swim
Swimming for Two
2007 Open Water/Long Distance All-Americans
Long Distance Postal Series
On Deck
Janet Evans' Windmill Revolution by Melissa Minetola PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>