May-June 2005 Issue

May-June 2005 Cover COVER STORY:

The Sea Dog and the Mermaid PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>

How Do Cav and Debbie Cavanaugh Swim So Fast, Joined at the Hip Like That?

by Christine Ennulat >>> Photos by George Olsen

Take two national-caliber Masters swimmers, mix in a fine romance, a sailboat, a measure of South Florida sunshine and what do you have? A joined-at-the-hip couple named Cav and Debbie Cavanaugh who have worked hard at forging a common code: do what you love because you can. This philosophy has served them well in the water and on dry land.


Backstroke Flip Turns
Count Your Strokes and Use Your Push-Off Power
by John Grzeszczak >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Backstrokers have had to adapt to numerous rule changes through the years. But arguably the best change to all swimmers' advantage was the ability to roll over and flip the turn. Florida Gold Coast Masters coach John Grzeszczak works with two team members to demonstrate some do's and don'ts of the backflip turn.

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The Swimming Antidote for an Inactive Generation
by Zing Allsopp

Barely out of junior high, 13-year-old swimmer Tyler Clark is already convinced that swimming is good for body and soul. But not all youngsters are so inclined toward an active lifestyle, often opting for couch-potato entertainment. And although Masters swimmers are only too happy to pass on their passion for swimming to the next generation, it usually requires patience.

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Massage Therapy for Swimmers Works On Multiple Levels
by Michael J. Stott

Coaches cite core strength and feel for the water as modern keys to fast swimming. Of growing importance in this fluid dynamic is massage, a hands-on treatment first used by the Chinese more than 3,000 years ago. Massage therapy has come to Masters in a big way, primarily because it works for swimmers on multiple levels.

From the Editor
Sharing Your Passion by Bill Volckening
Training & Technique
My Favorite Set by Kari Wilkinson
Crunch Time
Readers Ask: Get Loose and Stay Loose
The Downside of Overtraining
What is CFIDS?
Web Workout by Charlie Hoolihan PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Healthy Swimmer PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Exercise Influences Sexual Performance and Desirability
Readers Ask: When to See the Doc
Sleep Apnea Sufferers Prone to Heart Attacks at Night
Health Tip: Measure Your Waist
Sleep More, Weigh Less?
Food & Nutrition
Alcohol May Benefit the Brain (Really!)
Food Manufacturers Must Cite or Shed Trans Fat
More to Carrots Than Their Crunch
Tomatoes and Watermelons May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
Portion Distortion! You Better Believe It
Reader Recipe: Breakfast Mounds by Darlene Staley
Nationals Preview
Mission Viejo Hosts 2005 USMS Long Course Nationals
Swim Bag
Training Suits
FNA 2006 Masters World Championships Set for U.S.
USMS Plans Governance Changes
USMS Committees Issue Call for Nominations, Submittals and Bids
American Swim Coaches Association Welcomes Masters
Swimming Life
USMS Names All Americans and All-Stars for Pool Courses
Hats Off to Hall of Famers
Virginia Masters Swimmers Win Coaching Awards
Congratulations to All-Stars and All American Distance Champions
Rabalais Named NAIA Women's Coach of the Year
On Deck
The Ageless Allure of the Swimming Pool by Virginia Sowers PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>