July-August 2008 Issue

July-August 2008 Cover COVER STORY:

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More Than 1,800 Competitors - Plus a Reunion of Collegiate and Olympic Alumni

by Raena Latina >>> Photos by Kirk Tuck

USMS had its own version of the Olympics this May at the SCY National Championships. The four-day competition at the University of Texas at Austin showcased some of the best in Masters swimming – plus a share of UT alumni and Olympians. See a list of records set, and a collection of photos from the perennial favorite event.

Web Extras: Q and A with Victoria Chidester

Flip Turn Drill
Good Teachers Know They Can Learn from Their Students
by Beth Baker >>> Photos by David Balch

Good teachers are aware of the potential to learn something valuable from their students, and Beth Baker is a swim coach who takes this idea quite seriously while teaching age-group, collegiate and Masters swimmers. Here’s a way to improve flip-turn technique – inspired by a 9-year-old playing around in the pool.

A Swimmer in the Wild
Tom Landis Finds A Pathway for His Natural Talents
by Amy Wu >>> Photos by David Balch

One of the fastest 66-year-old swimmers on the planet lives in a log cabin surrounded by pet llamas. Here in the hills east of Oregon’s Cascades, Tom Landis’s community has only several hundred people. There is no swimming pool either, but somehow Landis gets faster and faster.

Swimming And Longevity
Will the Feel-Good Sport Help You Live Longer?
by Margaret Phillips >>> Illustrated by Andrea Owens, Rick Gutierrez

Why do some swimmers decide to retire while others keep going on forever? Researchers are still trying to determine whether swimming can increase a human’s life expectancy, but either way, many are convinced that the sport can make one’s later years more satisfying. Hear what some of the experts have to say about swimming and longevity.

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"I Have a Dream" by Bill Volckening
Neoprene Debate by Dan Frost
Neoprene: Purest or Elitist?  by Mark Raiford
History Lesson by Virginia Hall
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Don't Forget the Organizations Presenting the Awards by Rob Copeland
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Five Fast Facts - The 50 Free
Readers Ask: Breathing Every Stroke
Recently Viewed: "02 in H2O: A Self-Help Course on Breathing in Swimming"
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My Favorite Practice by Carrie Kostopulos
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Reader Recipe: Watermelon Granita
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Fasbender Receives Ransom Arthur Award
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Casey Seet to Lead DePauw 
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