September-October 2008 Issue

September-October 2008 Cover COVER STORY:

A Mighty Mermaid

Nancy Steadman-Martin was Swimming Before She Learned to Walk

by Amy Wu

Considered one of the most accomplished open water swimmers in the Northeast, Nancy Steadman-Martin has crossed the English Channel, swum solo across Tampa Bay and circled Manhattan Island three times. Meanwhile, she found time to go back to school and get her law degree. Find out what keeps this Mighty Mermaid going.


Freestyle Makeover
Getting the "Catch" or "Anchor" Into Your Underwater Pull
by Kris Houchens >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Poor technique can keep swimmers from getting better, or lead to injuries that prevent them from swimming at all. In freestyle, it’s important to under¬stand the concept of the “catch” or “anchor” in the underwater pull. YMCA Indy SwimFit Coach Kris Houchens offers some drills to teach this important concept.

Are You On A Training Plateau? PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
How to Get Off Your Plateau
by Susan Dawson-Cook >>> Illustrated by Rick Gutierrez

Masters swimmers who do the same workouts every week often get stuck on a plateau. Coaches seem to agree that swimmers must change something in their workouts to experience continued improvement. Minor tweaks and major overhauls both can make a world of difference in whether swimmers get unstuck.

Dynamic Duo
Brandon Drawz and Dennis Baker Pool Their Resources
by Margaret Phillips

The 20-year friendship of Dennis Baker and Brandon Drawz helped bring about the renovation of the Mt. Hood Community College Aquatic Center and won them a bid for the 2008 USMS Long Course Nationals.

From the Editor
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Bill Volckening
Wetsuits are for Wimps by Robert Webber
Leif Erikson Imitator by Ronnie Kamphausen
What is really important? by Ashley Jones
Executive Address
Touching the Wall in the USMS SWIMMER Relay by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts - 100 IM
Readers Ask: Praying Mantis Breaststroke?
Stretching: Before or After?
Recently Read: "Your First Triathlon," by Joe Friel
Flying Arm Helpful for Flip Turns?
Is Hoofing It Good for Swimmers?
Web Workout by Steven Lintz PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
My Favorite Practice by Katherine Branch
Healthy Swimmer PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
In Season - Basil
Reader Recipe: Simple Pesto
How Many Calories Burned?
Readers Ask: Help! I Smell Like Chlorine!
Cryptosporidium in the News
Advice for Allergic Swimmers
Swim Bag
Inside USMS
USMS Hires New Executive Director
SWIMMER Annual Planning Provides Direction for 2009
Rules Corner: Sanctioned vs. Recognized
Swimming Life
Inspirational Swimmers at
 Web Extras: My Team Gave Me a Chance , Thank You, Swim Across America , Two Survivors Inspire Others
YMCA Nationals
Wheeler Receives Paragon Award
Records Tumble at IGLA Championships
Wainwright Takes the Plunge
Taormina Makes History
Marvin Moves North
On Deck
Ins and Outs of the Get-Out Swim by Melissa Minetola Leddy PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>