March-April 2009 Issue

March-April 2009 Cover COVER STORY:

A Call to Arms

Essential Elements of Breaststroke

by Kris Houchens >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Of all the strokes used in competition, breaststroke requires the most maintenance and correction. Good breaststroke technique also demands flexibility. Flexible ankles and backs are especially important. Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally flexible - but there is hope. YMCA Indy SwimFit Coach Kris Houchens tells us why.


Amazing Aimee
Swimming in Waves of the Future
by Susan Dawson-Cook

Aimee Arnoldussen has a thing for waves. She focuses on brain waves in Madison, Wis., where she is working as a neuroscientist to perfect a technology that helps blind people learn to "see" with their tongues. She also focuses on waves in open water at various locations throughout the United States, where she competes as a long-distance Masters swimmer.

Getting NASTI
Indiana Club Has a Sweet Attitude
by Amy Wu

Embracing the U.S. Masters Swimming philosophy from every possible angle, the Noblesville Adult Swim Team Inc. has earned a reputation as a fun-loving group that loves the social side of adult swimming, and cares about its community. But watch out. Because if you don't, a NASTI swimmer just might pass you in the pool lane.

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Managing the Inherent Risks
by Jim Harper

Swimming started in open water. There were no chlorinated pools in ancient Greece, and the modern Olympics operated for years without a natatorium. All events were outside. Risks are inherent in every open water event, but they don't have to take away the fun.

From the Editor
Happy 25th, SWIMMER by Bill Volckening
Upper Body Strength
Magnificent Physique
Wimp Basher
Enhancing Stress Reduction
Executive Address
Branding U.S. Masters Swimming by Rob Butcher
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts: The Track Start
Readers Ask: Adding Abs to the Routine
Readers Ask: Breast Pull Down
Recently Viewed: "Outside the Box"
More Ab Exercises
Readers Ask: Building Endurance with Kicking
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My Favorite Practice by Susan Kirk
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No Butts About It
Could You Save a Life?
Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet
Readers Ask: What is Veganism All About?
Dive Safely
The Dirty Dozen
Reader Recipe: Matt Moore's Enchilada
Inside USMS
U.S. Masters Swimming Unveils New Brand Logo
New Sponsors Join U.S. Masters Swimming
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2009 Rule Book Cover
Rules Corner
SwimFest '09 Update
Swimming Life
Ferguson Teams with lululemon
Torres Named Masters Athlete of the Year
UCSD Masters Donate 580 Toys in Holiday Drive
Nutt Named Open Water Man of the Year
Chico's Horrible Hundreds
Records Fall in 5K/10K Postal
Long Distance Postal Series
2008 U.S. Masters Swimming All-Americans: Long Course Meters
On Deck
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