July-August 2009 Issue

July-August 2009 Cover COVER STORY:

Shark-Fin Breaststroke Kick

Your Hands Determine Where YOur Body Goes

by Glenn Mills by Barbara Hummel >>> Photos by Glenn Mills

You’ve been working on a nice, undulating breaststroke. Now, along comes a drill that looks like a throwback to the days of water bug, flat breaststroke. But the goal of the Shark-Fin Breaststroke Kick drill isn’t to flatten you out; it’s to help you determine how much you use your hands to stabilize or direct your body.


Cartoonist Jef Mallett
Masters Swimming Makes the Funny Papers
by Elaine Howley

For Jef Mallett, a Michigan-based cartoonist whose syndicated strip, “Frazz,” can be read daily in hundreds of newspapers around the country, triathlon is his primary sport. But, he says that Masters swimming is key to his staying competitive in triathlon, and a worthwhile sport in its own right. Mallett often channels his Masters experiences through “Frazz.”

Work, Family and Swimming
How Five Swimmers Do the Balancing Act
by Susan Dawson-Cook

Managing a career, familyand the lifestyle of a competitive swimmer can be a major balancing act. Here’s how five accomplished Masters swimmers keep their competitive edge, while still paying attention to other important aspects of their lives.

Short Course Nationals PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
U.S. Masters Swimming At Its Best
by Bill Edwards >>> Photos by Jim Quaschnick

The roster might have been a bit shorter this year for the U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm. Here’s a story about how the Nationals spurred a unique family reunion and a renewed love for the sport.

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Farewell and Thanks! by Bill Volckening
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Another Alcoholic Speaks Up
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Gadget Watch: FINIS Aqua Pulse Heart Rate Monitor & Aquabilt Pool Treadmill
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My Favorite Practice by David Radcliff
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Yoga Regulates Stress Response
World Aquatic Health Conference
Value Meals Have Hidden Health Costs
New Study on Preventing Pool Germs
Health Network — Professionals Wanted
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Ultra-Fast Suits
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New Professionals for Sarasota Headquarters
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Sandor Publishes Novel
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