September-October 2009 Issue

September-October 2009 Cover COVER STORY:

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Swimming's Best Friend Just Won't Quit

by Jim Harper

Dr. Swim’s latest move is a shocker. Instead of trying out a stroke technique, this ultimate advocate of our sport has stepped off the pool deck and onto the track. In May, at 65, Phil Whitten competed in the high jump. But don’t think for a second that this consummate swimmer and former editor of Swimming World magazine has turned his back on the pool.


Freestyle Technique
In the End, It All adds Up
by Mark Kutz >>> Photos by David Balch

Sometimes a swimmer can use two or three unusual styles or techniques to create something that works. Observers would say the freestyle technique of Virginia Masters swimmer Chris Stevenson is unconventional. But, adds Richmond-based coach Mark Kutz, Stevenson’s combination really, really works.

A Thousand Points of Data
System Allows Detailed Analysis of Biomechanics
by Elaine Howley

For eons, swimmers have been looking to perfect their technique. Video helps swimmers understand the concepts coaches are trying to teach, and makes it easier for coaches to demonstrate the impact of subtle changes. But what if there were a way to achieve the next level without as much wear and tear on delicate shoulder muscles?

Lactate Clearance Tests
Helping Masters Swimmers Customize Their Training
by Susan Dawson-Cook

During high-intensity activity, muscles function without oxygen, relying on available energy sources. Lactate, a carboxylic acid, is a by-product of this anaerobic exchange. The lactate clearance test gives clues on how to design a workout suited for your tolerance of high-intensity swimming.

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