January-February 2010 Issue

January-February 2010 Cover COVER STORY:

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Sally Bradley Takes USMS Membership Beyond the Mark

by Jim Harper >>> Photos by Ginny Daniels

Sally Bradley won a swimming lottery. This year, when  she registered online for U.S. Masters Swimming,  she got a phone message from the national office.  She assumed something was wrong, but there was  no error. It turns out her registration represented  the first time USMS had reached the 50,000-member mark.


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Warm-Ups and Stretches for Competitive Swimmers
by George Edelman >>> Photos by Amy Malinky

Swimmers often stretch to increase muscle flexibility, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and improve performance. Stretching is well accepted by swimmers. But incorrect stretching prior to swimming may actually increase the chance of injury. Learn how to do it another way.

Water, Water Everywhere
So Many Events ... Plenty of Time
by Raena Latina

Whether you classify yourself as a casual workout swimmer or fierce competitor, U.S. Masters Swimming offers a variety of events that cater to every level of fitness and every level of competition.

Staying Happy?
Aging Swimmers Do Better Than Average
by James Thornton

Writer Jim Thornton has made an important discovery about being a Masters swimmer. Research has shown that athletic competition as part of a team can provide mental benefits that contribute significantly to physical health, and no sport today comes close to Masters swimming for tapping the benefits of team psychology.

From the Editor
The Swimming Race by Laura Hamel read>>
More on the Maccabiah Games by Sheryl Rubin
Technique Flaws No Friend by Ronald Molnar
Title IX by John Riley Woodward
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Lezak Moment by Henry Mecredy
Earn Your Moment by Laura Kessler, John Groselle
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Combating Chaos by Eney Jones, Laura Hamel
From the Center Lanes by Laura Hamel
Two-Minute Tune-Up: Breaststroke Pull-Down and Arm Recovery by Laura Hamel
Web Workout by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
My Favorite Practice
Healthy Swimmer
Minorities Still Playing Catch-Up by Bill Edwards
Train Your Brain? by Laura Hamel
New Guidelines for Pool Chemicals by Bill Edwards
Need Omega-3? Go Eat Some Algae! by Bill Edwards
Crosswords for the Brain
 Web Extras:

Crossword Puzzle


Crossword Puzzle Key

Nationals Preview
Short Course Preview by Bill Edwards
Swim Bag
Goggles by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Kathy Casey by Laura Hamel
Swimming Life
Swimming for Water by Laura Hamel
Recently Read: "With a Single Step" by Laura Hamel
Swimming for "65 Roses" by Laura Hamel
Guinness Book Relay Attempt Scheduled for April by Laura Hamel
African Swimmers Made History by Kevin Dawson PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>