March-April 2010 Issue

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The World Awaits ... With Dozens of Exotic Swims

by Steven Munatones >>> Photos by Dave Tyrell , Lissa Reyden , Gilvan de Souza

Open water swimming is experiencing a revolution unlike anything since Gertrude Ederle brought worldwide acclaim to the sport with her English Channel crossing in 1926. Marathon swimming’s debut at the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a catalyst for growth. The dramatic 10K Olympic marathon swim courses planned in Hyde Park for the 2012 London Olympics and at Copacabana Beach for the 2016 Rio Olympics also are likely to drive global interest in the sport.


Alvin Richardson
A Big Man from Little Creek
by Jim Harper >>> Photos by Brian Callan

At the start of a race, swimmers put on various faces. Some have a blank stare, as if in a state of shock. Others twitch and huff and puff while sizing up the competition. Some seem able to chat and meditate at the same time. Then there is Alvin Richardson. At the start of his favorite open water swim, an annual 4.4-mile crossing of Chesapeake Bay, he is neither nervous nor particularly competitive. He is in a state of joy.

Relay Transitions
Know Thy Partner
by Craig Keller >>> Photos by Peter Poby

Transitions might seem like the least of your worries in a relay. Out of all the time it takes to complete the race, the three transitions involve only a few seconds. But in a swimming race, of course, even split seconds can make the difference. Not only that, 90 percent of all false relay starts result from a sort of “lack of communication” between the swimmer approaching the wall and the swimmer waiting on the block.

What Goes on Inside A Masters Swimmer
by Thomas Tiedt

Whether they begin swimming young or much later, Masters swimmers typically undergo some remarkable changes over the course of their lives. Through vigorous training, they engineer many physiological adaptations that enhance their physical capabilities and long-term health. 

From the Editor
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Two-Minute Tune-up: Keep Your Head Still by Laura Hamel
Coaches' Choice: Swimming Anatomy by Laura Hamel
My Favorite Practice
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Healthy Swimmer
Gluten-Free Swimming by Bill Edwards
Can Menopause Impact Training Regimens? by Bill Edwards
Train Your Brain
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