November-December 2010 Issue

November-December 2010 Cover COVER STORY:

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Medley of Racing and Fun

by Susan Dawson-Cook >>> Photos by Allison Tolpa

A winning combination of waving palm trees, bright sandy beaches, a sapphire Caribbean Sea and fast swimming ruled the USMS Summer Nationals in Puerto Rico. Despite the temptation to lounge on the beach, competitors at the event broke 17 individual national and 10 world records. Four national relay records were upended, and many swimmers hit the wall with personal bests.


A Journey of a Thousand Miles
Masters Swimmer Knows the Long Haul
by Elaine Howley

Masters swimmer and Alaska native Angie Taggart, 36, is aiming to complete a journey of more than 1,000 miles this coming March, when she and her team of sled dogs will traverse perilous, icy terrain in a quest to complete next spring’s Iditarod

For a Faster Freestyle, Do a Makeover

by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen

Out of all the competitive strokes, freestyle is the fastest, most popular, and usually the stroke of choice for training. It is also the stroke that has the most variations, is the most likely to lead to bad habits, and is the hardest to change.

Swimming Without Air
What's the Best Strategy for Masters Swimmers?
by Phillip Whitten

In an earlier article this year (“Every Breath You Take,” in the July/August issue), SWIMMER looked at VO2max – maximum oxygen uptake – and found that top swim coaches differ radically in their assessment of the need to maximize oxygen uptake.

From the Editor
On the Road by Laura Hamel read>>
IM Transitions by Dick Webber, Stuart Sheldon
VO2 Mistake by Curtis Dozier
What About the Older Swimmers? by De Ette Sauer
Rules Committee Response by Kathrine Casey
Thank You, San Juan by Ann Thomas
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Sprinter Smarts by Edward Mench
Distance Discipline by Fernette Ramnath
Training & Technique
Two-Minute Tune-Up by Laura Hamel
Out in the Open by Laura Hamel
From the Center Lanes by Laura Jones
Web Workout by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
My Favorite Practice
Healthy Swimmer
When You Hear Thunder ... Most Experts Still Say Get Out of Indoor Pools by Bill Edwards
Train Your Brain by Nancy Kryka PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Postal Preview
34th Annual U.S. Masters Swimming One-Hour Postal National Championship 2011
Swim Bag
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Holiday Gifts
Holiday Gift Guide
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: John Bauman by Laura Hamel >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Swimming Life
6 Swimmers, 202 Miles, 102 Hours, 57 Degrees, 0 Wimps by Laura Hamel
Event Timing  Hasn't Always Been as Easy as Clockwork by Bill Edwards