January-February 2011 Issue

January-February 2011 Cover COVER STORY:

Product Testing: Caps

Everything You Need to Know

Nylon, latex, silicone, neoprene-- which cap do you need for your next practice, competition, or open water swim? Find out what our product testers discovered while testing the dizzying array of caps on the market today.


Body of Work

by Elaine Howley

The crack of a gun shatters the warm air, an explosion of sound ricocheting off the walls as though contained inside a tank. Shouts, squeals and the charge of a high-speed chase grip the audience and the race is under way.

Is it the start of a record-setting medley relay event at a Masters Nationals meet? Perhaps. Or is it the beginning of a dangerous car chase sequence in a major motion picture such as “Fast and Furious” or “Mission Impossible”? Also quite possible.

Stroke Awareness
Correcting Common Freestyle Mistakes Takes a Good Observer
by Whitney Hedgepeth >>> Photos by Kirk Tuck

Many swimmers devote years to improving their strokes, trying all the revolutionary new training regimens that come along, hoping to add that little bit of edge that puts them over the top. Most end up with more frustration than success.

Swimming for a Cause
Open Water Events that Make a Difference
by Susan Dawson-Cook

There is a particular type of open water race that appears to be growing in number and popularity throughout the swim world. This type of race provides open water competition in a unique setting, while providing participants with the opportunity to connect with a cause that is important to them.

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