March-April 2011 Issue

March-April 2011 Cover COVER STORY:

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The Wave of the Future

by Alex Kostich

In the 2007 film "The Bucket List," Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play aging men who create a list of goals they want to accomplish before they kick the proverbial “bucket.” They visit the pyramids of Giza, go on a lion safari, jump out of planes and race sports cars. All things that are so … 2007.


Lynne Cox: Open Water Pioneer
How one woman's open water swims opened hearts and doors across the globe.
by Laura Jones

“There is something frightening, and magical, about being in the ocean, moving between the heavens and the earth, knowing you can encounter anything on your journey.”

These words open "Grayson," Lynne Cox’s second book, and they perfectly express her intense and rewarding relationship with open water swimming.

Open Water Buoy Turns
The Four Ss of the 90-Degree Turn
by Eney Jones >>> Photos by Ben Christoffel >>> Photos by Allison Tolpa

Much time can be gained or lost in open water race or a triathlon by how you round a buoy. This 90-degree turning technique will teach you to minimize distance, minimize the loss of momentum, give you increased opportunities to sight and breathe and will create a tight, fast turn.

Early Masters Swimmers
Did Our Prehistoric Ancestors Swim?
by Phillip Whitten >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley

Quick! When was the last time you saw a fat chimpanzee?

If you are addicted to The Discovery Channel, you may believe you’ve seen just about everything dear old Mother Nature has to offer: brutal red-in-tooth-and-claw ferociousness as well as unexpected gentleness; moving pathos and schmaltzy bathos; and incredible bravery amid ignominious retreat.

From the Editor
Shaken, Stirred and Sorry by Laura Hamel read>>
Reader Response to the Welsford Letter by Richard Bernstein, Kirsten Berger, Carmen Menocal, Janet Harris, Matthew Hess, Victoria Bolf, Daniel Kennedy, Steve Gilberg, Frederick Dever, Douglas Kopp, Carolyn Mailler, John Spencer PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Dara by Carlton Arnold
Time Out! by Kevin Polansky, Bill Edwards
Sprint or Distance? by Jerry Katz
Freestyle Makeover by Richard Alther
To Air is Human by Sue Mangan, David Leonard, Phillip Whitten
A Voice for the Dogs by Rebecca Fenson
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Open Water! by William Davis
Open Water? by John Beaty
Training & Technique
The Dryland Diffference: Plyometrics (More than Just Jumping Around) by Laura Jones
Out in the Open: Joel Wilson by Laura Jones
From the Center Lanes: Laura Val by Laura Jones
My Favorite Practice: Peter von Loewe
On Deck with ... Scott Bay by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Healthy Swimmer
Osteoporosis: Bones Need Encouragement by Laura Jones
Vitamin D: Controversy and Common Sense by Laura Jones
Swim Bag
Wetsuits by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Frank "Skip" Thompson by Laura Jones, Edward Colley
USMS On the Leading Edge of Open Water Safety
Swimming Life
Swimming Full Circle by Laura Jones
Gadget Watch by Laura Hamel
Recently Read: Open Water Swimming: Lessons from Alcatraz by Laura Hamel
The History of Wetsuits by Bill Edwards