May-June 2011 Issue

May-June 2011 Cover COVER STORY:

Breaststroke Turns and Pulldowns

Your Secret Weapons

by Cokie Lepinski >>> Photos by Peter H. Bick

Coach Cokie Lepinski of the Marin Pirates Masters breaks down the critical turn and pulldown sequences in the breaststroke. These sequences can mean the difference between a good swim and a great swim. Beautifully photographed by veteran swim photographer Peter Bick, Coach Lepinski’s step-by-step approach is sure to improve your breaststroke times.


The Man from Mars
Scientist Answers the World's Biggest Question
by Jim Harper

Was something swimming on Mars in the past 100,000 years? Possibly, believes Masters swimmer and planetary scientist Bill Boynton. Professor Boynton has sent instruments to Mars that have discovered evidence of water in the past, a sign that life may have existed on Mars at one time. Jim Harper gets the otherworldly scoop from Boynton, who is helping to answer the Big Question about our place in the universe.

Spectrum of Ability
Swimmers with developmental disabilities prove that what sets them apart doesn't have to hold them back.
by Elaine Howley

When life is challenging, many Masters swimmers find acceptance, strength and camaraderie with their teammates. Elaine K. Howley introduces us to two very special Masters swimmers who are no different in that respect. However, Brice Chase and Jenni Noll have a few added challenges that many people have not experienced. Their close relationships with their coaches and teammates underscore one of the best benefits of Masters swimming.

Legal Doping
Are You Doping?
by Phillip Whitten

Science writer and doping expert Phillip Whitten explores some of the legal substances, such as caffeine, creatine and NSAIDs that athletes are using,sometimes unintentionally, for performance enhancement. Whitten also takes us through some of the illegal doping methods used by high-profile athletes in recent years. First in a series of two articles on the complexities of performance-enhancing substances.

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