September-October 2005 Issue

September-October 2005 Cover COVER STORY:

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Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Goodell Returns to the Sport

by Christine Ennulat >>> Photos by David Balch

Olympian Brian Goodell has returned to the sport as a Masters swimmer. And he's nothing if not candid about swimming at an older age. So while we shouldn't expect big, splashy performances like his 1976 world-record-setting Olympic gold swims in the 400 and 1500 in Montreal, it's a fine thing to see the last American man to hold those world records return to the sport.


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Capitalize on Master Swimmers' Built-In Advantage
by Alex Kostich

You're fit, healthy and diligent about your training -- and yet you yearn for a little bit more from your daily routine. Maybe it's time to capitalize on Masters swimmers' built-in advantage and start training for a triathlon. You got the swimming down, so all you need are running shoes, a bicycle and a good plan to achieve your goals. Here's how to get started.

Freestyle Body Roll
It's All About Rotating the Hips and Relaxing
by John Grzeszczak >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Perfecting the body roll movement is key to a stronger freestyle stroke. And according to coach John Grzeszczak of Florida Gold Coast Masters, it's all about rotating the hips and relaxing in the water. The idea is to cruise through the water, not fight it, and Grzeszczak offers tips and drills to help master this important technique.

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Getting Over the Hump of Training Plateaus
by Michael J. Stott >>> Illustrated by Rick Gutierrez

For some swimmers, training plateaus become rest stops on the stairway to heaven. For others, they are roadblocks on the highway to hell. To get through those ups and downs, sports psychologists and fellow Masters offer tips and insights on causes and solutions.

From the Editor
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USMS Open Water Championships Report
McConica Leads Fund-raising for Community
Friendly Baseball Wager Paid in the Pool
June Krauser Receives Grand Dame Award
Newell Completes 18th Swim for Cancer Charity
Swimmers Enjoy Long Course Nationals California Style
On Deck
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