January-February 2012 Issue

January-February 2012 Cover COVER STORY:

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The People Paddle Progression

by Stuart Kahn >>> Photos by Peter H. Bick

Coach Stuart Kahn of Davis Aquatic Masters introduces the People Paddle Progression, an advanced drill progression that eats smaller drills for lunch and in the process, fine tunes the most stubborn stroke flaws. A strong six-beat kick is required, and swimmers who lag in the leg department may need fins to get started.


History's Keeper
Masters Swimmer and ISHOF CEO Bruce Wigo
by Elaine Howley

Bruce Wigo is familiar to many as the CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, an organization dedicated to preserving the history of aquatics. What you may not know is how swimming, or the lack of it, has influenced many major events in history. Elaine K. Howley also uncovers how Wigo made extra money while attending law school.

Asthma Facts for Masters Swimmers
by Phillip Whitten

Phil Whitten recounts some memorable moments in Olympic history that showcase swimmers' triumph over asthma. He also presents some facts about the disease and its treatment, and explains why Masters swimmers, in particular, need to be cautious about asthma inhalers as they reach middle age.

When Workouts Are Worn Out, Spice it Up
Spicing Up Your Workouts
by Jim Harper

Right about this time of year many coaches say, “10 x 100s on the 1:45,” but their swimmers hear, “blah, blah, blah.” Ramping up for Spring Nationals means hard work, but it has to be fun, too. Jim Harper finds some creative sets and drills that are a sure-fire cure for the swimming blahs.

Editor's Note
Change by Laura Hamel >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley read>>
From the Editor
The Human Spirit by Joseph Hebert
Fear of Water by Mike Thompson
Pull Buoy Memories by Hugh Roddin
Paying for Kayaking by Daniel Slosberg
Backstroke Kick Drills by Bodvar Gregersen
Longtime Vegan by Dave Treen
November-December Issue by Kristina Henry
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Early Warning System by Michael Collins
Sneak Attack by Susan Ingraham
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Jen Schumacher by Laura Jones
From the Center Lanes: Jack Groselle by Laura Jones
The Dryland Difference: TRX Training by Laura Jones
Ask the Coach: Patti Scott-Baier by Laura Jones
Healthy Swimmer
What's Really In Our Pool Water? by Laura Jones
Battling Chlorine's Impact on Skin by Laura Jones
Nationals Preview
Race to Glory in the Newest Aquatics Center in the Country by Susan Dawson-Cook PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Swim Bag
Dryland Resistance Cords by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Ann Svenson by Laura Jones
Swimming Life
Doug Woodring:  Working to Save Our Oceans by Laura Jones
SIPP Steps Up by Laura Jones
YMCA and Masters, a Natural Fit by Bill Edwards