March-April 2012 Issue

March-April 2012 Cover COVER STORY:

Open Water Feeding

by Steven Munatones >>> Photos by Ben Christoffel

Steven Munatones explains the four basic steps of feeding in the open water:  seek and spot, reach and roll, gulp and go, and toss and turn. From boat or kayak, using feeding sticks or ropes and buoy, veteran open water swimmer Jim Barber demonstrates the techniques. Photographed by USMS project manager Ben Christoffel.


Melissa Stockwell
Baghdad to Beijing and Beyond
by Laura Jones

Meet USMS member Melissa Stockwell: Iraq war vet, amputee, Paralympian and world champion. Staff writer Laura Jones profile this amazing athlete who nearly lost her life to a roadside bomb in Iraq, came home to become a world champion paratriathlete and has managed to transform her experiences into a career and a way to serve others.

Heart Attacks in Open Water
Maturity is the key to minimizing the risk

Phil Whitten reviews the evidence and research related to sudden deaths in big water, but although sources indicate a significant possibility of heart attacks, swimmers can minimize their risks with adequate preparation and precautions that include medical check-ups, adequate warm-ups, hydration, and sensible starting strategies.

Faster, Farther, Colder, First
The Arms Race in Marathon Swimming
by Elaine Howley

Swimming the English Channel is an impressive feat, so too the Catalina Channel or around Manhattan-any of these would be a feather in a swimmer's cap. But all three? How about adding four more? Triple Crown swimmer and contributing writer Elaine K. Howley looks at the serial swim addiction sweeping the open water community.

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