November-December 2012 Issue

November-December 2012 Cover COVER STORY:

Fit Phoenix

Lisa Hiller's Story

by Elaine Howley

Lisa Hiller, 50, has success, happiness, and good health. But the challenges she faced at the halfway point in her life-an abusive marriage and a severe eating disorder-almost extinguished her flame. Now she wants her story to help others.


Prevent Shoulder Injury Now
Simple exercises to improve shoulder strength and flexibility
by Jonathan Schauss >>> Photos by Daniel Smith

Looking for more shoulder strengthening exercises to add to your regimen? Jonathan Schauss, a physical therapist and Masters swimmer in Avon, Ohio, presents some simple exercises (with the help of some of his teammates on the P.R. Tri Team) that can be done in the water or on the pool deck.  Photographed by their coach, Daniel J. Smith.

Getting Older
Two scientist-swimmers examine the inevitability of our decline
by Bill Edwards

Veteran Masters Swimmer Phil Whitten and relative newcomer Jerry Meyer--both schooled in the scientific method--take a look at the descending curve of athletic performance associated with aging. Their work reveals some promising effects from keeping up a respectable level of training intensity well into the autumn of life.

Web Extras:

Jerry Meyer's original research that inspired "Getting Older."

Take 5
Behind the scenes at five different swimming events
by Laura Jones

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a swim meet or open water swim? Staff writer Laura jones was curious, so she interviewed event directors of five very different events to find out what it takes to create and support a successful event.

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The Dryland Difference: Developing Hand Strength by Laura Jones
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Can Exercise Alter Your DNA? by Laura Jones
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