January-February 2013 Issue

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by Laura Hamel

Can music make your workout better? Given the proliferation of earbuds on jogging trails and in gyms everywhere, a lot of athletes believe so. And there is scientific research that supports the notion that exercise is more enjoyable with music. Studies in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology has shown that if you play the right music—music matched to the rhythm of your particular form of exercise—your endurance improves.


Lynn Sherr
She wears many hats, but prefers her swim cap
by Laura Jones

Many readers will recognize Lynn Sherr from her three decades in television journalism. She's also published several books. Her most recent book, "Swim: Why We Love the Water," is her way of exploring and sharing the joys of open water swimming.

Take Your Mark
Getting the most from your dive starts
by Scott Bay >>> Photos by Peter H. Bick

Scott Bay, chair of the USMS Coaches Committee and head coach of Blu Frog Masters, teams up wtih some swimmers from Coach Michael Collin's Nova Masters in Southern California to present a few simple technique drills to help get the most bang for your buck when leaving the blocks.

Swimming for Mental Health
Can swimming help treat OCD and depression?
by Kristin Bender

Several readers have written to us asking for more information on how swimming may help anxiety, OCD, and similar disorders. Swimmers Kristin Burgard and Danny Gassaway share their stories with the hope that others may gain comfort in knowing that swimming regularly can help.

The L.V. Method
And other adventures in cross-training.
by Jim Harper

We were curious about what types of cross-training our members do, so Jim Harper posted a survey on the Forums on usms.org aobut it.  This sparked quite a discussion about what is good for swimming, what isn't, and what things some top Masters swimmers do (or don't) include in their training regimens.

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