November-December 2005 Issue

November-December 2005 Cover COVER STORY:

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Masters Phenom Margery Meyer Just Gets Better With Age

by Raena Alexis Latina >>> Photos by John Segesta

At a time when most people think about retiring or taking it easy, Margery Meyer decided, at age 64 -- and with no background in competitive swimming -- to become a world-class competitor. Almost 20 years later, she's still at it and has 315 individual Top 10 swims on record with USMS and 49 world records. As Margery says, "When you have a goal, you figure out how you're going to reach it!"


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Perspectives on How to Be the Water
by Cari Shane Parven

In the rush to get our sets in, many of us forget about the mental component of swimming. As a result, we miss out on the meditative high that is achieved when, like fish, we learn to stop fighting with the water and become part of it. We've enlisted the help of some experts in yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki and meditation to help you reach your Zen.

Super Streamlines
Focus on Body Core Strength, Flexibility and Breathing
by Kris Houchens >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Amazingly enough, the most prevalent technique problem found in swimmers at all levels is the streamline. Kris Houchens, head coach for YMCA Indy SwimFit in Indianapolis, works with Masters swimmers Jeff Berridge and Tom Perrin to demonstrate the ins and outs, and some do's and don'ts, of streamline technique.

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How Training and Nutrition Can Work Together to Keep You Humming Longer
by Christine Ennulat

Change is one thing you can depend on in the aging human body. Metabolism slows, the balance of muscle to fat tilts toward the latter and the remaining muscle is weaker. Medical experts and USMS members offer their insights on proper nutrition and training to help older, active swimmers maximize their fuel.

From the Editor
Keep Those Ideas Coming by Bill Volckening
Executive Address
USMS Brings Together Service and Passion by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Five Fast Facts: 100-Yard Breaststroke
My Favorite Practice by Jerry Clark
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Readers Ask: Quell Panic Attacks
Training Gadgets Under $50
Recently Read: Championship Swimming
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Exercise May Reduce Pregnancy-Related Health Risks
Echinacea's Medicinal Value Debated
Readers Ask: Post-Pool Drip
Five Tips for Better Work/Life Balance
Pain Medications Linked to High Blood Pressure
Food & Nutrition
Dairy Products Lower Diabetes Risk in Males
Readers Ask: Excess Weight Loss
Reader Recipe: Easy Pumpkin Soup by Jenn Cappeto
Magic Mushroom Holds Promise for Healing
Calorie Calculator: Hold the Yolks to Reduce Calories, Fat
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Swim Bag
Nutriion Bars
USMS Elects New Officers at Annual Convention
Kudos, Honors and Congratulations Handed Out at USMS Annual Convention
 Web Extras: USMS Awards
2007 Long Distance and Pool Championship Venues Set
Attention Coaches: Online Workouts Needed
USMS 2006 Rule Book Cover and Dedication Chosen
Swimming Life
Kostich Clinches Pier-to-Pier and La Jolla Rough Water Swims
School Fire Sparks Alcatraz Swim
2004 USMS Long Distance All-Americans
2004 Long Distance All-Stars
Three Swimmers Cross Catalina Channel Together
 Web Extras: Catalina Channel Crossing
2004 USMS Pool All-Americans
2004 USMS Pool All-Stars
Von der Lippe Oldest Person Ever to Qualify for U.S. Olympic Trials
Jim Bayles Takes On Block Island With Daughter in Mind
On Deck
Reflections on the History of Swimwear by Virginia Sowers PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>