March-April 2013 Issue

March-April 2013 Cover COVER STORY:

Knocking on Death's Door

An open water adventure

by David McGlynn >>> Photos by Mike Powley

Last summer author and writing professor David McGlynn and some of his swim buddies decide to take on the notorious Death's Door strait linking Lake Michigan and Green Bay.  More than just a swim story, McGlynn shares the fascinating history of this tiny but menacing shipping channel.


Jarrod Shoemaker
The Natural Athlete
by Jim Harper >>> Photos by Paul Phillips/Competitive Image

Few Masters swimmers will compete at the level that Jarrod Shoemaker does in triathlon. Jim Harper talks with "The Shoemaker" about how he trains, how Masters swimming has helped him develop as a triathlete, and what's next on the horizon.

Open Water Starts
From the Beach to the Buoy
by Sara McLarty >>> Photos by Stephanie Ganey >>> Photos by Ben Christoffel

World-class triathlete and USMS open water coach Sara McLarty breaks down the run into the surf. She and fellow National Training Center coach Misty Becerra share tips and tricks to get the most out of your next open water race or triathlon.

The Big Squeeze
A scary lung condition is leaving some athletes grasping for air.
by Elaine Howley

Elaine K. Howley interviews several athletes who have been affected by swimming induced pulmonary edema, including a medical researcher who is now working to increase knowledge and improve detection and treatment of this dangerous and frightening condition.

Editor's Note
Open water: Variety, adventure, helping others, and inspiration.  Mix well, repeat. by Laura Hamel read>>
Pros and Cons by Lisa Hertz
CrossFit by Michael Tatham, Walt Read
Masters Swimmers and PEDs by Jey Moore, Allen Stark, Ashley Jones
Masters Swimmers and PEDs
Kudos to the Art Department by Kirsten Berger
Thank You by Ann Waid
SWIM by Elaine Krugman
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Specificity Is Key by Steven Munatones
Diversity is Better by Misty Becerra
Training & Technique
The Dryland Difference: Train Your Brain
From the Center Lanes: Megan Melgaard by Laura Jones
Ask the Coach: Gary Henderson by Laura Jones
Out in the Open: Float Like a Butterfly, Swim Like a Bee by Elaine Howley
Healthy Swimmer
Brown Fat by Kristin Bender
Mastering Nutrition: Analyzing the Paleo Diet by Laura Jones
Swim Bag
Open Water Goggles by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Stephanie Ganey PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Susan Kirk by Laura Jones
Swimming Life
Real Life Meets Reality Show by Laura Jones PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Pioneering Open Water Women: Women helping women across the waves and the ages by Elaine Howley