May-June 2013 Issue

May-June 2013 Cover COVER STORY:

Pulling Back the Curtain

The Science and Psychology of Coaching

by Laura Jones >>> Illustrated by Foust

Great Masters coaches are leaders who inspire their swimmers to great accomplishments. Laura Jones looks at some of the science behind leader/follower relationship and interviews four USMS coaches to find out what inspires them.


Sister, Sister
The Holman Twins
by Elaine Howley

Mary and Sara Holman enjoy Masters swimming so much that they are regularly spotted on deck at meets all over the country. Elaine K. Howley finds out why they do it, and they share an exciting new chapter of their lives.

Paddle vs Propeller
Research on freestyle propulsion comes full circle
by Stuart Kahn >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Davis Aquatic Masters head coach Stu Kahn has penned another excellent treatise on freestyle technique that takes a macro look at how the paddle vs propeller froms of the propulsive phase of the stroke have come full circle in the past 50 years.

Data Points PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
How The Nike Go The Distance Program Can Help Advance Swimming Science
by James Thornton

Masters swimmer Jim Thornton, a feature writer for Men's Health, reflects on some of the studies he's written about and how the Nike Go the Distance program might be able to assist in a longitudinal study of the health and longevity of Masters swimmers.

Editor's Note
The M Word by Laura Hamel read>>
Open Water Issue Issues by Dan Winfield, Suzanne Dods, David Radcliff, Ted Coyle
Muscle Mass After 80 by Norman Stupfel
Taking the Sting Out by Noah Garrett
Squeezed by Peggy Pomeroy
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Circling for Success by Elizabeth Devlin
Splitting for Success by Brent Arckey
Training & Technique
The Dryland Difference: Balance Your Strength Training Program by Laura Jones PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
From The Center Lanes: Kevin Doak by Laura Jones
Ask the Coach: Leslie Scott by Laura Jones
Out in the Open: Favorite Mistakes by Elaine Howley
Healthy Swimmer
Blood Testing to Optimize Performance by Laura Jones
10 Things Nutritionists Say You Should Never Eat by Kristin Bender
What is that ringing in my ears? by Laura Jones
Nationals Preview
Swimming in the OC by Susan Dawson-Cook
Swim Bag
Deck Shoes by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Ed Saltzman by Laura Jones
Swimming Life
Ed Moser, A-Z by Kristin Bender
Schooling the Kids by Laura Jones
A Round of Applause, Please by Laura Jones