March-April 2014 Issue

March-April 2014 Cover COVER STORY:

Positively Obsessed PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>

Passion, Perserverance, and paying it forward

by Suzanne Sataline >>> Photos by Heather Perry

David Barra, one of the most admired and prolific amateur marathon swimmers in the country, is a man obsessed. As a swimmer, volunteer, and race organizer, he’s dedicated to pursuing his passion for open water while introducing others to the wonders that await amid the waves.


Open Water Drafting Made Simple
Position yourself for a faster and easier swim in your next race
by Sara McLarty, Misty Becerra >>> Photos by Barbara Banks

Swim Like a Pro cofounders Sara McLarty and Misty Becerra show us how to get and stay on the lead swimmer's feet during an open water race. From positioning and sighting to keeping the pace, this open water technique feature can help you become a better drafter.

In Synch
A supportive partner can be your biggest asset in achieving your goals
by Elaine Howley

Keeping the home fires burning isn’t always easy, especially when an athletic spouse is training for a big event without the other partner. “Divorice by triathlon” is a common phrase used to describe the phenomenon, but a few simple techniques and communication strategies can help you find harmony at home.

By Degree
Think hypothermia can only happen to extreme cold-water swimmers? Think again.
by Elaine Howley

Think hypothermia can only happen to extreme cold water swimmers? Think again. Learn the signs and symptoms of this dangerous condition from one swimmer’s experience and the world’s foremost expert on immersive hypothermia.

Editor's Note
April is Adult Learn-to-Swim Month by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
The Hot Tub: Try Me A River by Michael Gustafson
The Social Swimmer: Where did you put your Get Wet sticker?
Current: Good Swims
Both Sides of the Lane Line
More Time For More Strokes by Gregory Rotole
Time's Up! by Rob Copeland
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: When Nature Calls by Elaine Howley
Ask the Coach: Jay Peluso by Elaine Howley
From The Center Lanes: Mallory Mead by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Traning for an open water event? Make friends with the pull-up by Chris Ritter
Evidence-Based Swimming: SIPE-Swimming induced pulmonary edema by Jim Thornton
Healthy Swimmer
C'mon in-The Water's Fine!  Or is it?
Mastering Nutrition: Open Water Fueling by Sunny Blende
Swim Bag
Sleeveless Wetsuits by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Barbara Banks PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Bob Bruce by Elaine Howley
Swimming Life
Partners in Crime by Elaine Howley
Recently Read: Open Water Swimming Manual by Elaine Howley
Escapes From Alcatraz by Jia Jung