July-August 2014 Issue

July-August 2014 Cover COVER STORY:

Golden Swims in the Golden State

Blazing-fast racing and fun reign at the 2014 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship in Santa Clara

by Susan Dawson-Cook >>> Photos by Mike Lewis

Under the sunny skies of Northern California, 2,250 Masters Swimmer gathered in early May to show off al their training and hard work at the 2014 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship.  Olympic swimmers and USMS records abounded, as did good, old-fashioned fun in the sun.


In For the Long Haul: Siphiwe Baleka PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Long-Haul Trucker, Yale University Graduate, and USMS national champion shares his passion for fitness.
by Jenna Fisher

Helping others is all in a day's work for Siphiwe Baleka. The Yale University graduate turned long-haul trucker and USMS national champion has developed an effective program to help his fellow truckers trim their waistlines and improve their overall fitness, Jenna Fishers reports.

DIY Freestyle
Using your own point of view to tweak your technique
by Stuart Kahn >>> Photos by Peter H. Bick

In this innovative technique feature, Coach Stu Kahn shows how self-coached swimmers can briefly change their head positions while swimming freestyle to view their hand and arm positions and correct stroke technique flaws without the assistance of an on-deck-coach.

Marathon Moderation
The possible cardiac implications of ultra-endurance sports
by Linda Brown-Kuhn

A handful of recent clinical studies have pointed to an unnerving possibility for ultra-endurance athletes: Swimming more and at a higher intensity may not be good for your heart. Linda Brown-Kuhn finds out why.

Editor's Note
The B Word by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
Eight Ways to Spot Other Swimmers in Public by Michael Gustafson
Current: DQs
Current: For the Ladies
Current: For the Gentlemen
Current: Drafting
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Leagalize One-Arm Butterfly by Sandy Thatcher
Where Will It Stop? by Susie Powell
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Interval Training for Open Water by Elaine Howley
Ask the Coach: Tom Reudy by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: The Doctor Is In by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Rocky Knows Best by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Getting Yourself Into Hot Water by Bill Edwards
Mastering Nutrition: Read Those Labels! by Sunny Blende
Swim Bag
Sunglasses by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Chris Stevenson by Elaine Howley
Swimming Life
Coaching the Whole Person by Elaine Howley
Unsee the Light: A brief history of sunglasses and polarization by Jenna Fisher