September-October 2014 Issue

September-October 2014 Cover COVER STORY:

Rebuilding of a Swimmer

Victor Wagoner's perseverance and swimmer mojo is helping him recover from a motorcycle crash that cost him his leg and nearly his life

by Susan Dawson-Cook >>> Photos by Mike Lewis

The accomplished swimmer and airline pilot suffered a devastating motorcycle crash earlier this year, but even losing his leg couldn't keep him out of the pool for long.  Susan Dawson-Cook finds out what motivates him and what's next for this inspiring swimmer.


Get Hip with your Hips
If you want a good freestyle and backstroke, you've got to get your hips in the game.
by Cokie Lepinski >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Coach Cokie Lepinski of Swymnut Masters presents the latest thinking in using the corse and hips to improve your freestyle and backstroke technique.  Turns out, being a "hippie" is cool again.

Fish out of Water
A recent survey conducted by the USMS Sports Medicine and Science Committee shows how and why Masters swimmers train away from the water
by Linda Brown-Kuhn >>> Photos by Peter Bick >>> Photos by Laura Erdem

What sort of dryland activities do Masters swimmer engage in to improve health and fitness? Linda Brown-Kuhn presents findings from the USMS Sports Medicine and Science Committee's recent dryland activities survey.

Swimming to Lose
Swimming and a healthy diet can add up to weight loss
by Jenna Fisher

Several recent studies are challenging the old notion that swimmers can't lose weight when swimming. Jenna Fisher weighs these intriguing findings and gets tot he bottom of whether we can swim to lose.

Editor's Note
Seasons by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
Measuring Time by Michael Gustafson
Swimmer Style   by Raena Latina
Leave the Butterfly Alone by Sandy Thatcher, Burt Bronk, Bob Seagraves, Daniel Projansky
From the Poop Deck by Bre O'Scealai
The B-Word by Peter Crumbine, David McIntyre, Bill Reeder
Leave No Swimmer Behind by Larry Curran, Charles Frost
Who Knew? by Susan Mencarini
Both Sides of the Lane Line
On Being Late by Marty Hendrick
Late by Kathleen Schenck
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Zen and the Art of Open Water Swimming by Elaine Howley
Ask the Coach: Wendy Neely by Elaine Howley
From The Center Lanes: All in the Ritter Family by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference Stretching: The Truth by Allan Phillips
Evidence-Based Swimming: Tendinosis, Tendinitis by Jim Thornton
Healthy Swimmer
Ah! The scent of swimming pools in the morning...Chloramines may not be the best thing for your health by Bill Edwards
Mastering Nutrition Healthy Eating Habits: Swimmers are not exempt! by Sunny Blende
Swim Bag
Chlorine-Removal Personal Products by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Hill Carrow by Elaine Howley
Swimming Life
Dogging It: Think your training partners are dogging the set? Not like this, they aren't! by Elaine Howley >>> Photos by Jenny Kokocki >>> Photos by Caleb Bosch
Good, Clean Fun: How a poisonous chemical became the go-to disinfectant for swimming pools by Elaine Howley