January-February 2006 Issue

January-February 2006 Cover COVER STORY:

Breaststroke Kick Drills

To Challenge, Condition and Build Body Awareness

by Michael Collins >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Kicking is a critical part of breaststroke and requires significant attention to maximize efficiency and speed. But practicing the kick just with a board improves only a small portion of what goes on in full-stroke breaststroke swimming. To help breaststrokers at all levels, Michael Collins, head coach for Irvine Novaquatics Masters in Irvine, Calif., offers a series of drills to challenge, condition and build body awareness.


Lucky Is As Lucky Does PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
And Irrepressible Masters Swimmer Lucky Meisenheimer Does a Lot
by Christine Ennulat >>> Photos by Tom Reid

When people encounter John "Lucky" Meisenheimer, some see Dr. Meisenheimer, dermatologist. Others see Coach Lucky, coach of the Orlando Special Olympics swim team and, until a few years ago, Team Orlando Masters. Still others see a world-renowned yo-yo collector. Community activist. Filmmaker. Husband. Dad. Fact is, Lucky does a lot.

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Coral Springs to Host SCY Competition in True South Florida Style
by Raena Alexis Latina

Some of the best USMS swimmers in the country will be vying for record times at the 2006 Short Course Nationals in Coral Springs, Fla., this May. Even if you're not expecting to place in the medals, any USMS member may enter up to three events without qualifying times. So start mapping out your training plan and join host Coral Springs masters for a great event.

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Achieving Success in the Water One Aim at a Time
by Bekah Wright >>> Illustrated by Rick Gutierrez

Goals are more than New Year's resolutions or items on a to-do list. They're tools for achieving our dreams and can be applied to every aspect of our lives. There's a science, though, when it comes to reaching goals. Check out these goals for swimmers looking to shake up their normal routines.

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