March-April 2015 Issue

March-April 2015 Cover COVER STORY:

Reflexive State

A complicated series of biological functions, the mammalian diving reflex is designed to help us survive submersion.

by Elaine Howley

For a mostly terrestrial animal, we humans are suprisingly well adapted to surviving underwater thanks to the mammalian diving reflex. Associate Editor Elaine K. Howley investigates the hows and whys of our innate aquatic abilities.


Renaissance Woman
Kathleen Wilson
by Jenna Fisher

Marathon swimmer, professional harpist, adult learn-to-swim instructor, and city council member Kathleen Wilson is a woman of many talents. Jenna Fisher presents Wilson's passions and plans for the future of swimming in South Carolina.

DIY Open Water Training (without the open water)
Simple drills and equipment to get your club ready for an open water race
by Mike Lewis >>> Photos by Mike Lewis

A quick trip to the party store and a little creativity can result in an awesome open water workout, even if you're miles from open water. Mike Lewis shows us how to transform a pool workout into effective open water training in this bright and fun technique feature.

Dive Into Exotic Waters PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
An inviting world of open water swimming races and trips is waiting for you
by Linda Brown-Kuhn

On a planet that's 70 percent water, there are lots of amazingly beautiful places to swim and travel. Linda Brown-Kuhn offers a round-up of some of the best open water swimming destinations and events in the world.

Editor's Note
How can we help? by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
The Hot Tub: Time Capsule: A goggle-eyed nostalgic view of past swims by Michael Gustafson
Current: DQ by Robert Bergstrom
Who knew? by Ricky Stevens
The Rehab Lane by Elaine Krugman
Social Responsibility by Arlene Delmage, Judith Tanenbaum
Both Sides of the Lane Line
Long distance and open water rule changes by Elaine Howley
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Hiding in Plain Sight by Elaine Howley
Ask the Coach: Laureen Welting by Elaine Howley
From The Center Lanes: Eric Nilsson by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Paddles sports for Masters swimmers by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Stalking the Silent Killer by Jim Thornton
Mastering Nutrition: Triathlete Fueling by Sunny Blende
Swim Bag
Full-sleeved Wetsuits by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Erin Sullivan by Elaine Howley
Swimming Life
Vision Quest: Champion paratriathlete Patricia Walsh aims for the top tier of triathlon and finds her life's purpose along the way by Elaine Howley
Recently Read: Blind Ambition by Elaine Howley
P.O.T.U.S. in the Potomac by Elaine Howley