July-August 2015 Issue

July-August 2015 Cover COVER STORY:

A Second Chance at First Place

by Elaine Howley

On the surface, Karlyn Pipes, 53, of San Diego Swim Masters seems to lead a charmed life. The 209-time (not a typo) FINA Masters world-record-holder and one of the most successful Masters swimmers of all time lives in paradise in Kona, Hawaii, where she runs Aquatic Edge, a swim-coaching and clinichosting company. She travels the world to teach others to become their best selves in and out of the water, and her athletic body of achievement speaks volumes about her commitment to health, wellness, and pushing herself to the brink of her vast talents. But that hasn't always been the case.


Faster Flip Turns
How to get in and out of the wall faster and more efficiently
by Scott Bay

Swimming is a funny sport in the sense that it’s more about managing how much you slow down rather than how much you speed up. Other than the start, the fastest you’ll move in the water is right out of the turn. This is one of the few chances you get to push against something solid, and you want to make it count. But speed isn’t the only reason for learning a flip turn. Other benefits include better breath control, feel for the water, orientation, efficiency, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning a new skill.

Feeling the Wonder of Water PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Research is showing we can derive some extraordinary benefits from being in and around water
by Linda Brown-Kuhn

Extolling the merits of water to Masters swimmers is like selling bakers on the importance of an excellent dough recipe. You already love water and know that swimming in the wet stuff makes you happy and keeps you fit. But water’s long reach into your life and the marvelous ways it can affect your body and mind go beyond feeling great after your morning workout.

Victory in San Antonio
Time, training, and toil lead to personal bests at Spring Nationals
by Susan Dawson-Cook

rom April 23 through 26, 1,888 swimmers ranging from age 18 to 98 splashed into action at the Northside ISD Swim Center in San Antonio, Texas, at the 2015 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship. An amazing 51 individual and eight relay USMS records tumbled over the course of the four-day championship. We spoke with a few swimmers who attended to find out what they had to do to get to San Antonio. Veteran swimmer Catherine Vorrasi, up-and-coming late bloomers Rob Hilton and Matt Miller, and returning water lovers Kyrstin Lavelle and Bonnie Moss shared their improvement journeys and raved about the camaraderie they felt with fellow swimmers at Spring Nationals.

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