September-October 2015 Issue

September-October 2015 Cover COVER STORY:

Building Better Breakouts

Harness your wall momentum for faster swimming

by Scott Bay

Swimming can be thought of as an exercise in managing speed loss during the actual swimming and capitalizing on the revived momentum each wall offers. In this technique feature, Coach Scott Bay shows you how to improve and maintain your breakout speed.


The Accidental Inspiration
Ovetta Sampson challenges and empowers new swimmers and triathletes in her community to overcome fear, difficulty, and doubt
by Jenna Fisher

Ovetta Sampson, 42, of Chicago, was once 110 pounds heavier and anything but an athlete. Jenna Fisher reports that today, Sampson’s an IRONMAN who’s inspiring her community to reach for bigger goals and become their best selves through swimming and triathlon.

Am I Fit?
How do I know and why does it matter?
by Gretchen Sanders

Am I fit? What does it actually mean to be fit, and how should you measure your fitness level? We’d all like to know, so a writer new to SWIMMER, Gretchen Sanders, went looking for the answers.

2015 USMS Summer Nationals
Swimmers strive and inspire in Geneva, Ohio
by Susan Dawson-Cook

Swimming was fast and competition was hot at Summer Nationals, held August 6–9, at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Writer and competitor Susan Dawson-Cook shares several inspirational personal stories from some of the participants.

Editor's Note
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The Shallow End
The Hot: Tub Tomorrow's Comeback by Michael Gustafson
Current: Not Cramping Their Style
Current: Switch It Up
Current: Princeton Pride
Lens: Summer Nationals >>> Photos by Fred Munson
Training & Technique
Out in the Open: Don't Shun the Pool by Elaine Howley
Ask the Coach: Stuart McDougal by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Fall Willeboordse, Egoless swimming by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Exercise-Induced Urinary Incontinence by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Don't Fix What Only Looks Broken by James Thornton
Mastering Nutrition: Does your diet need an overhaul? by Sunny Blende
Swim Bag
Specialty Fins by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Jim Miller by Elaine Howley >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Swimming Life
Pulling Together: Harry and Max Boucher swim together to raise awareness by Elaine Howley
Duck, Duck, Witch: How swimming was used in the cruel tradition of witch hunting by Elaine Howley