November-December 2015 Issue

November-December 2015 Cover COVER STORY:

Hips in Butteryfly

by Cokie Lepinski >>> Photos by Peter Bick

What is it about fly anyway? It can feel so challenging. Many swimmers muscle their way down the pool using their arms and legs. Things are in all the wrong places—and the body line? Well, let’s just say it’s more like a crooked line. What’s the secret to that beautiful undulating fly some seem to do so effortlessly?


Doctoring and Swimming Without Borders
Going the Distance with Charles Van Der Horst
by David McGlynn

Charles van der Horst of North Carolina Masters Swimming, is a doctor who has traveled far and wide to treat AIDS patients in America and Africa. Amid all the travel and advocating for patients in need of health care coverage, van der Horst still manages to find time to swim.

Divas, Drama Queens, and the Rest of Us
Coping with difficult people, personalities, and situations at the pool
by Elaine Howley

For nearly every swimmer who trains with a group, the occasional dose of interpersonal conflict with another athlete is a universal experience. It can start innocently as a missed interval or a misunderstanding of the set. Maybe it’s a swimmer whose sense of lane etiquette is lacking. Maybe it’s banter or teasing that goes too far. Or maybe it’s just people not getting with the program and unintentionally disrupting a workout for other swimmers.

Going Long in 2016 PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Check out some of these great events coming up next year!
>>> Photos by Phil White >>> Photos by Geri Mathewson >>> Photos by Christopher Wolfe

The Long Distance and Open Water Committees have lined up a series of open water and ePostal events for 2016 that will motivate you to train hard all winter just to be ready for them. Information and online entry for all USMS long distance and open water national championships will be posted at, a page that is updated throughout the season.

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Healthy Swimmer
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Volunteer Profile: Cheryl Gettelfinger by Elaine Howley
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Tribal Markings: Masters coach and swimmer Mark Johnston builds cultural bridges >>> Photos by Dana Johnston
The Case for "Birdfly" How did the butterfly get its name? by Elaine Howley