January-February 2016 Issue

January-February 2016 Cover COVER STORY:

Navigating a Hiatus

The art of swimming steadily through life's currents and eddies

by Linda Brown-Kuhn >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley

Life happens—your boss sends you out of town for two weeks, you coach your daughter’s basketball team, you catch the flu, the busy season at work stretches on and on, your in-laws come to visit. All of it stands between you and your swim workouts. How can you ease your way around these minor or major obstacles and slip back into the water?


A Curious Mind
Bela Sandor's unique approach to Egyptian chariots, swimming, and life
by Jenna Fisher

What do Egyptian chariots have in common with swimming? More than you might think, according to Bela Sandor, professor emeritus in the engineering physics department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sandor knows a thing or two about Egyptian chariots and swimming: the 80-year-old engineer became interested in chariots more than a dozen years ago, about the same time he became a Masters swimmer.

Mastering the Medicine Ball
Modern training with old-fashioned equipment
by Allan Phillips >>> Photos by Alexander Aleman

Medicine balls have been a staple in swim training for decades. They’re among the safest and most effective ways to perform explosive dryland training and are suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities. If you’ve never used a medicine ball, consult a qualified trainer or coach to help you select specific exercises and a ball of appropriate size and weight.

Spring Nationals Preview PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
A Swimming Revolution in Greensboro
by Susan Dawson-Cook

Will the stars align for you to have a revolutionary performance at Spring Nationals?

Editor's Note
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