March-April 2006 Issue

March-April 2006 Cover COVER STORY:

Open Water Swimming

Steering, Drafting and Finishing Skills Essential to Success

by Bob Bruce >>> Photos by Barb Harris

Open water race directors inevitably forget to install bottom lines and lane markers, so you need to learn a few tricks of navigation, according to Bob Bruce, head coach of the Central Oregon Masters Aquatics. Beyond steering, two other critical open water skills are drafting and finishing. Here's a primer to help you prepare for open water season.


Stretching Demystified PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Why, When, How, How Often, How Much?
by Michael Stott

For many swimmers stretching is an afterthought. Although you know you should stretch, it's easy to get bogged down in the issues of when, how, how often and how much. To help you break through the ennui associated with stretching, a number of experts spell out the real advantages and provide ideas on how to get started.

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A Family of Tingleys Boosts Kentucky Masters
by Bekah Wright >>> Photos by Peter Bick

When Bill Tingley was swimming backstroke as an age grouper in Louisville, Ky., some 40 years ago, it never occurred to him that he would one day help put Masters swimming on the map in Kentucky. But with considerable support from Tingley family members and an enthusiastic cadre of Masters swimmers, he did just that.

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What Are Gen-Y Swimmers Seeking?
by Raena Alexis Latina

AKA the Digital Generation, the Generation Y swimmers who currently make up the 18-24 age group in Masters have a unique point of view on group participation. Understanding and responding to the flexibility that twentysomethings need can help draw -- and keep -- younger swimmers in Masters.

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Records Tumble in 5K/10K Postal Championships
Open Water 'Butternut' Does 5K Fly
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