September-October 2016 Issue

September-October 2016 Cover COVER STORY:

As Seen On TV

Life's a pitch for infomercial producer and entrepreneur Anthony Sullivan

by Elaine Howley

He slices. He dices. And he does so much more. He’s Anthony Sullivan, the roguish Englishman you’ve seen on TV during dozens of 2-minute spots for OxiClean, Stick-Up Bulbs, Smart Choppers, Swivel Sweepers, and loads of other inventive household products. A fixture of TV infomercials, Sullivan also appeared on the grueling 2003 reality adventure program “Eco Challenge,” and was the co-star of Discovery Channel’s “PitchMen.” He now runs a thriving production company that creates advertising spots for Arm & Hammer, NutriSystem, Crock-Pot, and many other familiar products.


Dynamite Dolphin Kick
The key elements of developing your dolphin kick
by Cokie Lepinski >>> Photos by Peter H. Bick

Developing a dynamite dolphin kick is within your reach, although it takes a lot of practice. The payoffs are extraordinary; you can gain more distance off each wall by leveraging the dolphin kick.

Give it a Rest for Your Best
How cutting back and chilling out can lead to faster swimming
by Gretchen Sanders

Anyone who made it to the 2016 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship in Greensboro, N.C., earlier this year may have chanced upon David Sims snoozing under a tree outside the natatorium. The 53-year-old Olympian has a habit of catching Zs between his events. “I do it at every Nationals, and I try to do it every day,” he says about his naps. Sims, who qualified for the boycotted 1980 Olympic games in the 1500-meter freestyle, has learned a thing or two over his long swimming career about the value of quality rest.

Olympians Among Us
Who's in your lane?
by Katie O'Dair

During this Olympic year, we’re spotlighting four swimmers who’ve achieved what most of us can only dream of—participating in an Olympic Games. These swimmers and their Olympic stories illustrate the political, social, and personal complexities of the times in which they swam. All are still swimming with USMS programs today. So the next time someone cruises past you during workout, remember: You never know who might have a gold medal stashed in a drawer somewhere.

Editor's Note
USMS Is for Everyone by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
Hot Tub: Field Studies of the Swimmer by Katie O'Dair
Haiku 5-7-5: Sprinting with buoy by Joan Franklin
Coach Cartoon by Edward Colley
Lens: 2016 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championships >>> Photos by peter H. Bick
Training & Technique
Ask the Coach: Body Position Is Everything by Erica Smith >>> Photos by Susan Ingraham
Out In the Open: Know Your Tides by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Christian Vanderkaay by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Plyometrics for Starts and Turns by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Help for the SICK: Might the key to preventing and treating shoulder problems lie in bolstering our wings? by James Thornton
Mastering Nutrition: Bone Building with Calcium and Vitamin D by Sarah Koszyk
Swim Bag
Self-Massage Tools by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Dave Oplinger by Kristina Henry
Online Workouts: A resource for swimmers and coaches alike by Elaine Howley
Swimming Life
Mastering Diversity: Coaches-turned-advocates create opportunities to include more people of color in swimming by Gretchen Sanders
Uppsala Swimming Society: Swedish swimming has deep roots and long branches by Elaine Howley