January-February 2017 Issue

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Training Suits

by Laura Hamel

For those of us (especially women) who remember the limited training suit styles of yore (giant nylon scoop-back held together with shoestring, anyone?), today’s cornucopia of brands, styles, strap configurations, fabrics, patterns, and colors is a welcome change. More variety in swimwear and more sizes mean more body types have more options. Whether you’re training hard every day for Nationals or doing a leisurely lap or two after your thrice-weekly gym session, you can find a suit that suits you.


The Multisport Word is Her Oyster
Stacy Hoehle strives for the pearl in modern pentathlon
by Katie O'Dair

What do a polar vortex, rare spotted camels, and the FBI have in common? The answer is Stacy Hoehle, three-time U.S. women’s national masters champion of the modern pentathlon. What links these seemingly disparate things is part of a tale that led USMS member Hoehle to the top of a sport that people know little about. And to really understand her journey, we must first explore the sport of modern pentathlon and its origins.

Self-Massage Release Tools and Techniques
Portable massage tools optimize readiness and recovery
by Allan Phillips

Self-massage tools, used for myofascial release, have become standard equipment on pool decks—nearly as common as paddles, pull buoys, and kickboards. As with any tool, proper technique is essential for optimizing benefits, and this article offers a tutorial on how to use common massage implements.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter
New research into atrial fibrillation in aging endurance athletes
by James Thornton

Mike Sherrill, 66, was an All-American swimmer in college as well as a gold medalist on USA’s 1971 Pan America water polo team. As many elite collegians of his era did, he left the pool behind after graduation to focus on his career. By his 40s, however, he found himself seriously jonesing for a return to the water. He joined The Olympic Club and resumed the regimen of his younger years: swimming 3 miles a day, six days per week. “There was a lot of chlorine absorbed over the next eight years,” he jokes today.

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by Susan Dawson-Cook, Elaine Howley

Susan Dawson-Cook previews Spring Nationals and Managing Editor Elaine K. Howley brings you all you need to know for planning your Open Water National Championships this year.

Editor's Note
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The Shallow End
Hot Tub: Training for the Big Meet by Kristina Henry
5-7-5 by Susanne Reising
Coach >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Training & Technique
Ask the Coach: Backstroke Cues for Solid Technique by Terry Heggy
Out in the Open: Bilateral Breathing by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Mike Freshley by Elaine Howley
The Dryland Difference: Winter Training for Drylands by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Swimming on Empty: Masters swimmers prone to low blood sugar in the pool can find the sweet spot for their training by James Thornton PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Mastering Nutrition: Recovery Meals for Swimmers by Sarah Koszyk
Nationals Preview
Swim Bag
Training Suits by Laura Hamel
Compex Sport Elite by Laura Hamel
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: James Biles by Kristina Henry
Capt. Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., Award: Nadine Day takes her place among top volunteers by Laura Hamel
Swimming Life
Dad on Duty by Gretchen Sanders
Recently Read: Evolved by Elaine Howley
98th Dublin City Liffey Swim: Slainté to the ultimate shapeshifter of open sea swims by Jia Jung