March-April 2017 Issue

March-April 2017 Cover COVER STORY:

Supernova Sarah Thomas

American marathon swimming's darling nabs a big record

by Elaine Howley >>> Photos by Ken Classen

Her arms continued to churn over, one after the other, sleek and sparkling in the late-afternoon Arizona sun. To the casual observer, this superlative athlete would have looked like any other swimmer enjoying a short dip or training session at the southern end of Lake Powell. But the reality was far different; Sarah Thomas, 34, of Conifer, Colo., was closing in on the last few hundred meters of the swim of a lifetime and the world record for the longest solo, unassisted open water swim.


T1: From Swim to Bike
Basic Tips for New Triathletes
by Chris Holley >>> Photos by Mike Lewis

You’ve just signed up for your first triathlon. Now what? You know you can swim, but you might be new to biking and running. You’ve put in some practice, but you might have logistical questions such as Where do I put my bike? How do I position all the items I’ll need to change into once I finish my swim? What do I do as I’m moving from one discipline to another?

Latest News on Sugar: What's Healthy?
Natural versus added sugars and the upcoming new food label
by Sarah Koszyk

As our understanding of nutrition and food science evolves, so does our concept of what constitutes a healthy diet. At various times over the past 50-odd years, certain foods and food components have been demonized and redeemed. Remember when fat and eggs were bad? Or how about carbs and coffee? These days, sugar is shouldering a lot of the blame for America’s weight problem. But is this theory true, or is it just more hype that’ll be overturned in a few years?

Discovering a New World in the Water
It's never too late to learn to swim
by Linda Brown-Kuhn

When you love swimming and being in the water, it’s easy to forget that many adults perceive the water as off limits—the last place they’d want to go. An American Red Cross survey from 2014 revealed that more than half of Americans either can’t swim or cannot perform all of the five basic skills that determine water competency. But when these same people decide to take the plunge and learn to swim, the results can be transformative.

Editor's Note
Shifting Sands by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
Hot Tub: Middle-Aged Masters
5-7-5 by Marcia Benjamin
Coach >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Training & Technique
Ask the Coach: Open Water Efficiency by Terry Heggy
Out in the Open: Uncramp Your Style by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Ricardo Valdivia by Elaine Howley
Dryland Difference: Dryland Training for Postpartum Swimmers by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
The Right Rest: How the science of tapering can help you swim your best by James Thornton
Mastering Nutrition:The 80-20 Rule for Weight Loss by Sarah Koszyk
Swim Bag
Wetsuits by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Mike Carbonaro PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Leianne Crittenden by Kristina Henry, Edward Colley
Swimming Life
Serving His Country in Full Uniform and a Speedo by Gretchen Sanders
Straight Across the Strait by Elaine Howley