May-June 2017 Issue

May-June 2017 Cover COVER STORY:

Faith, Film, and Freestyle

Actor Cooper Thornton finds solace and strength in the water

by Elaine Howley >>> Photos by Mike Lewis

Woodworking with Nick Offerman. Yukking it up with Amy Poehler. Hanging with Tom Hanks. Taking direction from Clint Eastwood. These might seem like a series of wishes granted by a fairy godmother, but for actor Cooper Thornton, 55, of Caltech Masters in Pasadena, Calif., they’re all just part of the job. 


Fast Open Turns
Get in and out of the wall quickly
by Terry Heggy >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Turns have two purposes: reversing direction and gaining speed. Notice that those purposes do not include resting, looking at the clock, or waving to your friends on deck. A good mantra for a fast turn is “hot potato.” Get in and out as if prolonging your touch on the wall will burn you.

Pregnant? Swim Practice Beckons
The science behind why swimming and pregnancy go together
by Gretchen Sanders >>> Photos by Christina Coxwell

Lindsy Talbert’s belly gets a little bigger every week. As it grows, the budding mother employs new tricks at swim practice to accommodate her developing bump. “I’ve started doing flip turns with my legs a little wider,” says the 27-year-old member of Longhorn Aquatics Masters in Austin, Texas. Nearly seven months into her first pregnancy Talbert logs three pool workouts a week, easily making intervals in the same lane she’s always led. Carrying another human hardly seems to hinder her swimming. “I still go about the same speed, but I’ve lost some of my endurance,” she says. Talbert, who works butterfly laps like a porpoise and executes sprint sets with fervor, says that when it comes to pushing herself in the pool, her obstetrician is all for it.

Minnesota for Masters Nationals PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Fast swimming coming to the Twin Cities
by Susan Dawson-Cook

Get ready for some fast competition with the 2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship in Minneapolis on Aug. 2-6. Just three miles from downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota’s Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center is close to many great tourist spots. The city’s light rail system provides a cheap, efficient way to travel from the airport and swimming venue to the downtown areas of the Twin Cities.

Editor's Note
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Hot Tub: Swimming After Stretch Marks by Sam Brooks
5-7-5 by Joan Waldbaum
Coach >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Training & Technique
Ask the Coach: Three Ways to Improve Your Breaststroke by Terry Heggy
Out in the Open: Nose Clips by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Kathy Garnier by Terry Heggy >>> Photos by Terry Heggy
The Dryland Difference: Dryland Warm-ups by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
Workout for the Brain: Exercise provides health benefits and can make you smarter by James Thornton
Mastering Nutrition: The Importance of Daily Snacking by Sarah Koszyk
Swim Bag
Buoyancy Aids and More by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
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Volunteer Profile: Malcolm Cooper by Kristina Henry, Edward Colley
Swimming Life
Erica from America by Gretchen Sanders
Sirens of the Deep by Elaine Howley