July-August 2017 Issue

July-August 2017 Cover COVER STORY:

Spring Nationals a Hit in Riverside

More than 60 records broken as Olympians take spotlight

by Jeff Commings >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Nearly 2,000 swimmers competed at Spring Nationals in Riverside, Calif., in April. Jeff Commings tells the story of what led to one of the greatest performances of the meet and how one swimmer overcame a rare condition to win six medals.


Bewitching Belief
Reverend Gina Pond, a Wiccan priest and Christian pastor, conjures inclusivity in all aspects of her life
by Elaine Howley >>> Photos by Mike Calabro

Illinois LMSC swimmer Gina Pond went from corporate job to Wiccan Christian priest and pastor after taking a leap of faith. Elaine K. Howley writes how Pond has made inclusivity around body types, gender identity, and faith central to her life and practice.

Breaststroke Out-sweep
Setting up a great pull requires a great feel for the water
by Jeff Commings >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Breaststroke can be a difficult stroke for swimmers to master, but former University of Texas swimmer Jeff Commings, a nine-time NCAA All-American, writes about one simple change that can make an enormous difference.

Diabetic? Get Sweet on Swimming
Jump into the pool to fight against a deadly disease
by Gretchen Sanders

Diabetes impacts 29.1 million Americans, but swimming appears to be an excellent way to fight the chronic disease, Gretchen M. Sanders writes, whether you’re a Masters swimmer trying to stay healthy or 10-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr. 

Editor's Note
'I Have an Idea for an Article About ...' by Laura Hamel read>>
The Shallow End
Hot Tub: I'll Never Be a Swimmer by Deborah Paquin
5-7-5 by Robert Schroeder
Coach >>> Illustrated by Edward Colley
Training & Technique
Ask the Coach: Get a Grip by Terry Heggy >>> Photos by Peter Bick
Out in the Open: Your First 5K by Elaine Howley
From the Center Lanes: Dot Munger by Terry Heggy >>> Photos by Peter Bick
The Dryland Difference: Training on Vacation by Allan Phillips
Healthy Swimmer
The Sound and the Worry by James Thornton
Mastering Nutrition: Foods to Help Reduce Exercise-Induced Inflammation by Sarah Koszyk
Swim Bag
Training Tools by Daniel Paulling >>> Photos by Laura Hamel PDF file - get adobe acrobat reader read>>
Inside USMS
Volunteer Profile: Michael Moore by Kristina Henry, Edward Colley
Swimming Life
Serenity in the Water by Gretchen Sanders >>> Photos by Laura Hamel >>> Photos by Peter Bick
She's Such a Doll! by Elaine Howley