May-June 2006 Issue

May-June 2006 Cover COVER STORY:

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The Other Wet World for Swimmers

by Amy Wu >>> Photos by David Balch

Want to improve your strength and flexibility, but shrink from the thought of a morning in the weight room? Maybe it's time to join a growing number of swimmers who are finding cross-training benefits in water exercise. Those who have blended aqua exercise with swimming say they are more efficient swimmers and better all-around athletes.


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Two Swimmers, Two Stories of Survival
by Cari Parven

No one needs to tell Karen Farnsworth Einsidler or Mike Shaffer that water is a powerful form of therapy. These Masters swimmers -- Einsidler in New Jersey and Shaffer in California -- suffered physical adversity, and with great determination, each came back even stronger. The pool, they both say, was there for them.

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Masters Swimmers on the 'Orange' Lap
by Dick Guido

Their friendship began poolside some 60-plus years ago. World War II interrupted, and Max von Isser, Dick Guido and Harry Liber each spent four years in the service, returning to finish college (but not swimming) and then carving out successful careers in civilian life. Eventually, Masters brought them back together.

Avoiding Vertical Butterfly
It Takes Rhythm, Finesse and Core Strength
by Simon Percy >>> Photos by Peter Bick

Butterfly requires timing, a feel for the water and good use of core strength. If you can achieve this, then fly can be swum with a grace and ease that is a thing of beauty to watch. So, how do you learn fly? The answer is drills, fins and short repeats.

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Let's Salute Our Coaches as Swim Season Begins by Rob Copeland
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